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Hair Transplantation With Fue

What is hair transplant?

Hair transpant is the most effective solution against one of the most common diseases of the male and female population, hair loss and consequently alopecia. This surgical method of treating this problem promises a sure result and can meet the patient’s expectations.

What are the available hair transplantation techniques?

There are two main  surgical techniques available in the hair implant procedure with the most common being the Skin and Hair Follicle Strip Transplantation (FUT-Strip) and Follicular Unit Extraction or excition (FUE). The experienced and specialized dermatologist Dr. Apostolos Karalexis recommends the FUE hair transplantation  technique which gives excellent and natural results.

How the  FUE  method performed?

The procedure involves removing hair follicles from one part of the body (donor site) and placing them in a bald or empty place (recipient site). During the harvesting with the FUE technique,  local anesthesia  with xylocaine is used. Then, the surgeon, using very fine needles, ‘pierces’ the desired places, which are to ‘receive’ the grafts. The aim is to strategically place the grafts with a focus on density and to create a pattern so that the result is aesthetically beautiful and natural-looking. The main difference of the FUE method is that individual hair follicles are taken from the back of the head, in order to avoid the creation of a permanent line, which in the future will be a visible scar.

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What are the advantages of the FUE technique?

Among the benefits that this approach can offer are:

  • Minimally invasive technique with natural results
  • Avoidance of permanent scars  after the surgery
  • Rapid recovery and return to daily activities
  • Reduced chances of post-operative inflammation, as sutures are not used during this surgical procedure
  • Minimal chances of post-operative complications
  • Range of areas from which hair follicles can be collected for FUE surgery(Body Hair Transplantation)

During the harvesting of hair follicles from the donor site, Dr. Karalexis prefers to harvest  hair follicles with 2-4 hairs and mostly hair follicles with 3 hairs to achieve very good density in the final result. Also when removing a hair follicle we try to leave a part of the hair follicle intact so that some stem cells remain and the hair follicle can regenerate again. Therefore the goal in our clinic is to keep the hair bank ( donor area) as intact as possible to use it again in a possible future hair transplant.

What is recommended?

In order for the operation to have the best possible result, it is necessary to choose a qualified and technically skilled dermatologic  surgeon. This is because  FUE hair transplantation is a very demanding procedure.  Finally, the right surgeon, in order to plan the operation in the best possible way, needs to take into consideration a number of patient-related factors that are decisive for the final outcome of the surgery. These include:

  • The area of alopecia
  • whether the patient is a man or a woman.
  • Patient expectations
  • Age of patient

If you recognize symptoms of hair loss, please  contact experienced and qualified dermatologic surgeon Dr. Apostolos Karalexis today for a  clinical examination. The doctor will assess the problem and present you with an effective treatment plan that is fully personalized to you.

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