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Laser Therapy For Rosacea

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Rosacea  is a chronic disease and is considered as adult acne. The main feature of the disease is hypersensitive skin which does not allow the application of any cream or soap. This sensitivity is manifested by the appearance of a diffuse redness centrally on the face, the presence of the red papules of acne and the dilation of the superficial vessels of the face called spider veins.

Laser treatment

Until now, the treatment of rosacea was done topically with creams such as azelaic acid, tretinoin derivatives, metronidazole, while in more severe forms of the disease antibiotics are administered such as tetracycline.


The laser that we use in the Derma Hair clinic is called Ellipse by Nordlys – Candela and has amazing results in reducing  redness, papules and spider veins of the disease.


The treatment with this laser has no side effects and the beam of light targets the hemoglobin located within the small vessels of the face. The laser head emits at a wavelength of 530 to 750 nm, which is the wavelength at which haemoglobin is at its maximum absorption.

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What to look out for before the treatment

  1. Avoiding the sun, tanning beds and sunbathing 30 days before starting the laser treatment
  2. It is necessary to cleanse the skin very well and to remove all residues of creams and make-up from the face

What exactly happens during the treatment?

First, a thin layer of Gel is applied to the surface of the skin so that it is protected. Initially we start applying the laser head from the periphery of the face and then spot  by spot we go towards the centre. The patient feels a momentary sensation of heat that subsides completely after the treatment is over. In the areas where the face is red, the complexion of the skin takes on a darker appearance.

This is the characteristic reaction that shows us that our treatment is successful. We evaluate the final result in about a month, when our second session can take place. It is generally recommended to apply one treatment per month and a total of 2-3 treatments.

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