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Hair loss affects a large percentage of men and women worldwide. It occurs when the hair becomes thinner and weaker, i.e. when it reaches the telogen stage which is the last stage of the hair life cycle. When we are talking about a loss of more than 100 hairs per day then you should consult your dermatologist. When this abnormal hair loss continues for a long time then the density of hair per square centimeter starts to decrease and that is when the alopecia phenomenon starts.




At Derma Hair Clinic we have more than 20 years of experience in hair disorders and hair transplantation. The methods of diagnosis we use are

  1. Taking a medical history
  2. Examination with a special lens
  3. Blood test
  4. Trichoscope
  5. Trichorizogram

With these  examinations we can have a diagnosis, so that with the correct evaluation each patient can be given the appropriate individualised treatment.




It is an examination performed by specialized dermatologists that provides a diagnosis of the type of alopecia, the condition of the hair, its morphology and volume. First, a sample of the hair is taken with special forceps. These hairs are placed in a special dish and then attached to a slide. They are then examined under a special microscope by the dermatologist. The percentage of the hairs which are in the anagen, catagen or telogen phase and the percentage of dystrophic hairs is indicated in the report which is issued. The higher the percentage of hairs that are in the telogen phase, the more abnormal the  hair  is.  An increase in the percentage of dystrophic hairs  is an indication of the influence of a damaging factor.

In order to carry out the test, the person must not have washed the hair  for at least three days.

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In trichoscopy no hairs need to be taken from the scalp. A special video lens is applied to the area that needs to be examined, which is connected to a computer. With the special software program of the computer, shots are taken at specific points where we want to do the examination. The program then analyses and gives us conclusions about the volume of the hair, the density per square centimetre, the number of hairs per hair follicle, etc. So we can compare a hair test we do today with a hair test we did a few months ago so that we can see whether the treatment we suggested has helped our patient. At the Derma Hair clinic we have the most sophisticated trichoscope in the world called Hairmetrix by Canfield.

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